Hotel Decorations And Low Maintenance Planters

As comparatively expensive places for guests to rent, hotels usually boast interior decorations that match their upscale standards. It is important for the lobby not to be nude, and not even the walls and lobby space are neglected because these are the first impressions that guests have when they arrive. While hallways tend to be sparse in order to avoid extra maintenance and damage from collisions, hotel decorations include pictures, paitnings, mirrors, carpets and rugs, flowers with large self watering planters are commonly placed in public gathering areas such as the lobby and near the pool.

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How a hotel decorates for guests

A hotel usually has extra staff that can do more than clean rooms. They might have butlers and luggage carriers as well as maids that might all perform night time routines such as taking care of assets that need maintenance. There are not many of these, mostly trash cans and cleaning publicly accessible bathrooms, but potted plants need water on occasion. Care for these might be considered specialized because these species are designed to survive on low light and do not like to be over-watered. 

Interior decoration

While many interior decorations are static and only need occasional cleaning and dusting, a plant is an enigma to someone who does not study a specific species. Those that are near windows are closer to outdoor plants and tend to be green and growing. These plants need more frequent watering, pruning, and feeding because of their faster metabolisms. In comparison, a plant in the hallway might have solid dark leaves that suggest a sluggish metabolism. 

Using self watering planters

Plants that grow very slowly also tend to consume nutrients and water more slowly. This means that they might only need to be watered once a week or once every few weeks. They keep themselves hydrated due to their own conservation. On the other hand, species that need frequent watering are a bit of a hassle and should be able to survive short periods of neglect. For these brighter and more precocious plants, consider procuring large self watering planters. They contain storage compartments to increase available water.

Advantages of Planters

There are several way that planters are set up that increases available water. One is very common and simply has a second tray underneath the pot. This catches water that ought to pass through the potting mix and holds it. As the soil dries out, the water is reabsorbed by it through capillary action. This has the effect of saving labor but also preserves nutrients that would other wise be leached out through watering.

Holds moisture

A larger pot holds more moisture and so needs to be watered less frequently by default. This might not matter if the plant is large or otherwise exhausts its water quickly because it has robust leaves and an extensive root network. It is possible to purchase even large pots with reservoirs to conserve water or else to provide fresh water. 


The technology for large self watering planters are not elaborate. The difference is that the pot might have a cup near the bottom edge in order for water to be poured directly into the catch basin. This is actually the more convenient way to water and feed the plant because water will still percolate upwards due to capillary action. The potting material used might actually be designed for this strategy.